Become a member
To join BAHE, we ask you to show your commitment by paying a joining fee of £3 per family. You can either pay in cash at one of our events, or Join Online Here.

Membership benefits
As a member, you are entitled to any subsidies offered for places during BAHE organised sessions and events. You also are entitled to vote at our AGM.

Organising trips
Have you seen a workshop or educational trip that you would be interested in? (Often these can be found under the school trip information.)

As a member, we will support you to organise events and trips for the group. This means that the trip will be covered by our public liability insurance, and we can also help collecting payments, and liaising with finance departments to pay invoices.

Subsidising trips
Sometimes trips can work out prohibitively expensive for families to attend. Where this is the case, BAHE will endeavour to subsidise the trips to ensure it is affordable to all. Please get in touch to find out more.