Our weekly classes are led by fully qualified teachers, with experience in private tutoring all ages. Whilst they broadly follow the National Curriculum, the lessons are designed to be flexible to cater for the individual children, and differentiated tasks are given to cater for all abilities.

Sessions are currently taking place online, with home learning tasks set each week as a follow up.

English Classes

Would you like some extra support teaching English at home? These lessons are multi-sensory, using items such as Lego and play dough to engage the children. Topics covered are flexible and are tailored to suit the children in the class. They can include essay writing, story writing, spelling practise, and more.

We have been enjoying a weekly book swap during these sessions. Bring a book to lend to others, and borrow one to take home.

Optional Home Learning tasks are set at the end of the lesson. These can also be found on our online student portal.

Maths Classes

Worksheet showing co-ordinate plotting on an x-y axis graph.

These sessions are for any children studying maths at key stage 2 (juniors) or key stage 3 (seniors) level, and particularly for home educating families who would like a little something extra to add to their home curriculum:

-Think you are “no good at maths”, but want your child to feel differently?
-Maybe you have covered the basics, but not sure where to go next?
-Does your child learn better in active learning, with the freedom to move and handle objects?

Optional home learning is set at the end of each lesson, and DoodleMaths “Extras” are set for reinforcing ideas covered in the lesson.

Which Class is right for my child?

Our Junior classes broadly cater for children ages 7-11, and loosely cover topics in Key Stage 2.

Our Senior classes broadly cater for children ages 11-14, and loosely cover topics in Key Stage 3. They provide a good foundation for going on to GCSE level learning.

We know that you are the experts in your child, so please use your discretion when deciding which level is suitable for your child. If needed, we are happy to swap children to a different group part-way through a term.

Looking for GCSE tuition? Our tutors have been carefully selected by EB Educational Services, who can also provide private tutors for GCSEs. Please contact them for further information.

Looking for tuition for under 7s? We can provide tailored tuition on DoodleMaths. Contact us for more details.

Important note: These sessions are not intended to cover the entire curriculum, but rather to support home learning.

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