Data Protection Statement

Bolton Area Home Educators (BAHE) needs to keep certain information on its volunteers and members to carry out its day to day operations, to meet its objectives and to comply with legal obligations.

BAHE is committed to ensuring any personal data will be dealt with in line with the Data Pro- tection Act 1998. To comply with the law, personal information will be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to any other person unlawfully.

BAHE will only use data for the following purposes:

  • Contacting members to notify of events.
  • Contacting members for important information such as AGMs
  • Contacting members to inform them of any changes, or updates on events e.g. can-

    cellation of events or club updates.

  • We may forward a count of numbers of attendees/members to other groups, such as

    grant awarding bodies and funds, but never pass on individual data.

  • In certain circumstances, we may be legally obliged to pass on details if we believe

    that there is a safeguarding issue. Under exceptional circumstances this may be done without prior discussion.

Individuals have a right under the Act to access certain personal data being kept about them on computer and certain files. Any person wishing to exercise this right should apply in writ- ing to Alison Williams-Southern – BAHE Chair.

The following information will be required before access is granted:

  • Full name and contact details of the person making the request
  • Relationship with the organisation (former/ current member, trustee or volunteer) We may also require proof of identity, under certain circumstances, before access is

    granted. The following forms of ID will be required: Passport, driving licence, birth certificate.

    Queries about handling personal information will be dealt with swiftly and politely.

    We will aim to comply with requests for access to personal information as soon as possible, but will ensure it is provided within the 40 days required by the Act from receiving the written request.