Sessions temporarily suspended due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Our bushcraft sessions are an opportunity for children to come and try out their Bear Grylls skills, tackling a series of challenges such as building shelters, cooking on a campfire, and much more. Each session will teach them a new skill, get them to cook a communal meal over a campfire, and have some free play in the afternoon to hone their skills.

Because of the nature of these sessions, (involving fire and knife work), these sessions are best suited to older children, and we would expect younger children to be closely supervised. Please advise us of any accompanying (non-participating) children for safety and catering reasons. If there is more than one adult attending, please let us know so that we can provide additional refreshments.

These sessions are led by Heather who is a qualified Forest School Practitioner (level 3) and bushcraft enthusiast. Parents will be expected to actively participate to support the session.

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