Home Education Consultation for September

During our drop-in session next Wednesday (12th June), BAHE will be hosting a consultation by the Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company) that we hope will be taking over delivery of home education sessions in September. Here are a few questions that they will be asking:

  • Which sessions would you like to see continue? E.g. Sports, gymnastics, science, art, maths, english, bushcraft, Forest School, music, instrument lessons.
  • Would you like to continue with one-off education trips such as theatre trips, theme park trips and residential activity trips?
  • Are you interested in iGCSE study groups?
  • Would you like teaching that broadly follows the National Curriculum, or more unstructured classes?
  • Would you like follow-up work to be provided after sessions so you can support continued learning at home?
  • How big would you like the class sizes?
  • Would you like informal play sessions?
  • How much would you be able to pay for these sessions? Would you be interested in a bursary scheme for low income families?
  • Which days, times and venues suit you best?

Please come along and support the group if you can. You can also email us your views for us to pass on, and a questionnaire will also be available soon.