News release and notice of EGM

News Release


Dear Members, the Trustees of the charity  have become aware of inappropriate behaviour towards a member of staff. As in all places of employment, our employee is legally protected from abusive or inappropriate behaviour. The charity is responsible for ensuring this. Our staff member has no vote on the trustees board, and attends our meetings as an advisor and to report feedback from sessions.  Any questions or challenges you may have (other than those directly related to the running of sessions) should be directed to a Trustee and not members of staff or volunteers.


We have the right as a charity to revoke volunteer status if we have concerns regarding the volunteers behaviour and/or conduct.  The trustees may also revoke membership if they believe it to be in the best interests of the CIO, e.g. where behaviour affects other members ability to participate fully, as stated in the CIO’s constitution. A copy of the constitution is available in the “Membership” section of the website.


We also have a right to move in a new direction and offer different classes, activities and try out new contractors.  Contractors are only ever engaged on a term-by-term basis. Where a contract has to be terminated early, we give 30 days notice as specified in the contract, during which we honour any invoices..  If you would like more of a say in the classes, activities run by the charity, the trustees meetings are open to all members and are a forum for your views. You can always contact the trustees in person, or by e-mailing


With regards to the current operation of BAHE as a charitable organisation, the trustees feel that Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) status is not working well to deliver the aims of the group.  Therefore, we have decided with much regret to propose a resolution to dissolve the CIO at the end of the Summer term. Whilst there are no firm plans for the future of BAHE, we have had some suggestions. We are open to input from members. To effect said resolution, we are calling an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members on 1 May 2019, at 1pm. The meeting will be held at the Hope Centre.


At this time we remind all members of the “Ground Rules” which you agree to follow when you sign in every week at Wednesday sessions, and as you sign up to all activities.


Joanna Short, Teresa Waldron,  David Gordon, Vicky Newby, Lynn Williams,

Trustees BAHE



Pursuant to Section 11(2) of the constitution, the Trustees of Bolton Area Home Educators CIO hereby issue notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting. This will take place on 1st May 2019 at 1pm. The meeting will be held at the Hope Centre, Central Drive, Westhoughton.


At this meeting, the Trustees will put forward a resolution to dissolve the Charitable Incorporated Organisation, as set out in Section 29(1) of the constitution.


Resolution: “The CIO will be dissolved at the end of the summer term, and any remaining assets of the CIO will be distributed in accordance with Section 29.2(c) of the constitution.”


This will be followed by a vote to approve or deny the resolution. All members are entitled to vote on this matter. Each family membership is entitled to one vote.


No further business is proposed at this meeting.