Update about Summer sessions – coming soon.

To clarify after a few queries today – we have two sessions left this week, Fun Sports (which will be outside again), and Board Games drop in on Friday. We then have a two-week break, and sessions will be starting back up again on 23rd April. We hope to get bookings opened up within the next week, and details will be emailed around on how to rebook, and posted here and on our Facebook page.

Briefly, our timetable will be:

Tuesdays: Fun Sports, Gymnastics, Maths & English

Wednesdays: Science and Art, drop-in

Thursdays: Bushcraft / Minecraft club (alternating)

Fridays: Board Games Drop in / Fun Fridays (Outdoor kayaking, climbing, theme parks)

Residentials: Bushcraft camp (29th/30th June) and Older child Activity Weekend (17th – 19th May) (provisional only)